Welcome to Leader’s Guide Entrepreneur Community

An exclusive community for backers of Eric Ries' new book only available on Kickstarter

What is The Leader's Guide?

The Leader's Guide is our network for the 10,000+ backers of the 250+ page book The Leader’s Guide by Eric Ries that was exclusively available on Kickstarter.

The Leader’s Guide is aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, or anyone leading a project or team. This community—along with the book—is full of stories about how companies both large and small are adopting Lean Startup methods to scale successfully and operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Together, we're covering real-world examples about how entrepreneurs are tackling questions like:

  • How can I convince my team that testing our early ideas with customers does not mean they should sacrifice quality or forget about our vision?
  • How can I convince senior leadership that innovation projects require a different system of accounting? 
  • How can I do Lean Startup-style experimentation in a highly-regulated industry? 
  • How can I incentivize and reward my team for working in a cross-functional way?
  • How can we turn functional specialists in areas like IT, HR and finance into allies when it comes to supporting new ideas?

This community is also an experiment in collaboration. The experiences, stories, and learnings captured from members directly contributed to Eric's most recent book, The Startup Way (available now).

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